April 2021 Newsletter

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April 2021

During National Public Health Week 2021, intensified violence against members of the AAPI community continues. 

We denounce these racist attacks and killings, and applaud these reflections, calls to action and responses (among many others): 

In order to foster inclusion, we must confront exclusion. 

Samantha Morton

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Strengthening Community:
24 Hours at the Virtual DULCE National Forum

inspired by NPHW’s Building Bridges to Better Health Care theme.

National Public Health Week

Did You Know

Key Law & Policy Updates

Housing: Federal Eviction moratorium extended to June 30, 2021!

The national CDC Eviction Moratorium has been extended for an additional 3 months, protecting qualifying tenants who have fallen behind on rent. Check out MLPB’s Digital Digest for more information about problem-solving with Massachusetts renters and Rhode Island renters.

Utilities: States have taken action to extend utility shut-off protection for households!

For example, Massachusetts and Rhode Island both have utility moratoriums in place that protect eligible customers from utility disconnections based on payments owed. In MA, this extended protection ends on July 1, 2021; Rhode Island’s expires June 25, 2021. Remember: a moratorium does not prevent the accrual of new utility debt; it just defers the obligation to pay. Both states also have some emergency assistance funds available for families who need help paying their utility bills. Care teams in MA can learn more here and RI-based care teams can head here

Immigration Eligibility Resources

Public Charge Rule reverts to earlier, less restrictive version! 

As of March 15, 2021, USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) can only use the pre-2020 version of the public charge rule, as opposed to the broader rule that took effect in Feb. 2020. Practically, this means – for example – that USCIS cannot hold against a green card applicant the fact that they accessed SNAP or Section 8 housing benefits. Of course, other kinds of fiscal supports can trigger public charge challenges. To learn more about the current state of the Public Charge Rule, check out our Digital Digest federal immigration section. Care teams in MA can learn more about immigration-related community supports here; care teams in RI can find info here.

Spotlight on RI

Third annual RI Life Index Survey kicked off this week!

  • MLPB is proud to serve as a member of the RI Life Index Coalition, a Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island (BCBSRI)-convened group of 12 organizations partnering through an equity lens to contribute to reducing health-related social needs and improving population health.
  • The 2021 survey probes drivers of health inequities in BIPOC communities; this year, survey administration features random digit dialing and partnerships with several local nonprofits to expand representation in the survey sample, including speakers of languages other than English.
  • Survey results from the first two years have informed BCBSRI’s community investments and philanthropy. The evolving Index will support BCBSRI, as well as community-based and public health stakeholders, to track self-reported perceptions of health and well-being over time. 
  • For more information on the RI Life Index, the RI Life Index Coalition or the third annual survey that is underway, check out RILifeIndex.org

New care planning resource available in Rhode Island!

At age 18, adults can make their own healthcare decisions and document those plans and goals in a written health care plan. Are you working with someone who might be interested in this planning? Check out this new Rhode Island Care Planning Toolkit, developed by Honoring Choices MA with support from partners including MLPB.

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