Aug. 2021 Newsletter

Social care includes memorializing a person’s wishes for future care.

Can We Talk
Tune in to the Age-Friendly RI Radio Hour Podcast on:
“Making Your Own Health Care Plan”

On July 21, the Age-Friendly RI Radio Hour welcomed MLPB’s CEO Samantha Morton alongside Ellen DiPaola (President & CEO, Honoring Choices Massachusetts) to share information about health care planning in the Ocean State and beyond. Talk about the power of the pen!  

Check out our new Bridging Divides blog post that dives into this conversation: On the Record? New Podcast Highlights Ease of Documenting One’s Care Planning Wishes.

Key Law and Policy Updates
Federal Eviction Moratorium

Are you partnering with people confronting housing instability?

  • The federal eviction moratorium has ended. Tenants and homeowners need to know their rights
  • Maximizing income is one pathway to explore:
    • Some families are eligible for the new 2021 Child Tax Credit ($3,600 per child aged 0-5 or $3,000 per child aged 6-17)
    • SNAP benefits have increased in both MA & RI for eligible recipients. 
      • For more information about each of these income-boosting strategies, check out MLPB’s Digital Digest sections for MARI and federal
    • Utility costs (and debt) can be reduced for some through a range of levers. For more detail, visit the MARI and federal sections of the Digital Digest

On our mind

Access to Justice, Civil Rights & Health

Disparities, Equity & Social Health Integration

Early Childhood & Health

Employment, Income Supports & Health

Housing & Health

Immigration Status & Health

Transportation & Health