Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island / PCMH Kids

About Our Partner

The Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island (CTC-RI) was convened in 2008 to lead the transformation of primary care in Rhode Island in the context of an integrated health care system. A network of 128 primary care practice sites aim to improve the quality of care, the patient experience of care, the affordability of care, and the health of the populations CTC-RI serves.

What We Do

MLPB is a capacity-building partner to CTC-RI’s Community Health Teams (CHTs) and equips CHT community health workers and their supervisors with legal information and problem-solving tools that enhance health-related social need problem-solving. MLPB provides customized Unlocking Access trainings aligned with CHT competencies and responsibilities. Additionally, an MLPB team member embeds in quarterly CHT Best Practice meetings, in order to continuously update care team members on key legal developments that can impact patient care. Our partnership with CTC-RI / PCMH Kids was featured in a May 2021 Commentary in the Rhode Island Medical Journal.

Unlock Access for Your Team

MLPB is honored and energized to partner with communities of care who understand that human-centered care planning and high-quality delivery of social care must systematically account for people’s legal rights, risks, and remedies.