MLPB Digital Digest

Meeting people’s health-related social needs has always mattered. The health of individuals, families and communities hinges substantially on stable access to safe, healthy, and affordable housing; to reliable heat, lights, water, internet and phone service; to nutritious food; to transportation resources; to protection from violence, abuse, and exploitation; and much more. This tool:

  • Curates evolving information and resources in key domains of health-related social need
  • Translates what these developments mean for people and the communities of care who partner with them
  • Offers projections on how things might continue to change
  • Spotlights key federal (nationwide) themes in resources, benefits and legal protections as well as state-specific information for Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

IMPORTANT: MLPB will update this content as appropriate, and Digest readers should note the last-reviewed timestamp and click on the hyperlinks to access the most current information. In addition, this information is for educational purposes only; nothing in it should be construed as legal advice.