Transportation Needs


Car owners can download the new SaferCar app to get alerts about safety recalls.

Last-reviewed: 10am, July 28, 2023

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The Basics

  • The federal government oversees aviation, federal highways, and federal railroads.

The Breakdown

  • REAL ID: The deadline for people to convert their driver’s license or identification card to a REAL ID has been extended until May 7, 2025.  Travelers will still need a US or foreign Passport to travel internationally. Care teams can help people collect the documents necessary to obtain a real ID in advance of the deadline.
  • Travel: The State Department has travel resources that include country-specific advisories, checklists, and emergency tips. Care teams can suggest that travelers stay up to date on policy changes by signing up for alerts through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
  • Disaster Assistance: The National Transportation Safety Board provides some services to survivors of plane, rail, highway, marine, and pipeline accidents. Care teams can refer survivors and their families to the Transportation Disaster Assistance Division.
  • Consumer Protection: Many airlines have been experiencing delays and cancellations. Care Teams can refer people to the Aviation Consumer Protection page for information on their rights and how to file complaints.
  • Highway Safety: The National Highway Traffic Safety Admin has a new app that sends car owners alerts when their car has a safety recall. Care teams can provide information on the SafeCar app.

Spotlight on non-discrimination:

Public transportation providers cannot discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and age. This includes all aspects of transportation, including airlines, buses, and trains. If a person believes they have been discriminated against and they share that with your care team, direct them to the FTA Office of Civil Rights where they can file a complaint. Assure them that even though religion, sex, and age are not specifically outlined on the form, they can assert their right against discrimination by selecting “other.”

The Bottom Line

  • Care teams can help people navigate the changing regulations by assisting them with the REAL ID transition and referring them to available planning tools.