MLPB Digital Digest – Massachusetts

Welcome to MLPB’s COVID-19 Digital Digest. Our team has created this open-access tool to help workforce colleagues navigate law and policy changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended to provide guidance and problem-solving strategies to address a range of key HRSN needs.  

This tool:

  • Distills major federal (nation-wide) themes in resources, benefits and legal protections.
  • Curates high-level, evolving information and identifies expert resources in key domains of HRSN, through the lens of two states – MA and RI – where MLPB does extensive work.

Some guidelines to help you get the most out of this tool: 

  • The Bulletin: Pressing, need to know information, often with upcoming deadlines.
  • The Basics: MLPB’s curation of key developments in law and policy.
  • The Breakdown: MLPB’s translation of these developments into plain language interpretations of what these changes mean for areas of HRSN need.
  • The Bottom Line: Based on MLPB’s expertise, the essential takeaways needed to navigate the HRSN domain of interest.
  • Last-Reviewed Timestamps: MLPB routinely reviews content and updates information as appropriate.

This information is for educational purposes only; nothing in it should be construed as legal advice. 

© 2021-2022 MLPB, a fiscally sponsored organization of TSNE

The Bulletin

Vaccination clinics across the state are offering $75 gift cards to people ages 5 and older who get their updated bivalent COVID booster.

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