January 2022 Newsletter

Who has legal problem-solving power?

January 2022

On the Move

Democratizing Legal Problem-Solving Power: Learning from Early Childhood System-Builders

MLPB has convened a planning process with three partner communities invested in Building Legal Problem-Solving in the Early Childhood Sector, thanks to support from The JPB Foundation. Our newest blog post is an interview with leaders from one of these partner communities based in California, First 5 Orange County and its Engaged Neighborhoods initiative. Our colleagues share important local perspectives on legal information and rights education as a tool for advancing healthy child development and family thriving. 

Stay tuned for blogs featuring insight from the other two partner communities — the Rhode Island Department of Health Office of Family Visiting and Smart from the Start — in February and March! 

In a similar context, MLPB recently weighed in on several public processes that will impact the future of family-centered ecosystems:  

If these topics are important to you, contact us so we can explore potential collaboration! 

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We’re recruiting 2 Law & Policy Consultants to join our team: 

Rhode Island-focused Law & Policy ConsultantMassachusetts-focused Law & Policy Consultant

Deadline is Monday, January 31, 2022!

Ideas In Motion

We want your input!

RIZE’s Your Rights in Recovery Toolkit, launched in April 2021, offers the support and resources people with opioid use disorder need as they navigate things like housing, employment, and treatment. The toolkit is for people in and seeking treatment and recovery, loved ones, providers, allies, and advocates to help understand these systems. To plan for the next version of the toolkit in ways that are productive, stakeholder-informed, and sustainable, RIZE and MLPB have collaborated on this survey. We appreciate you taking less than five minutes to participate. Please feel free to share with your networks and respond by Monday, January 31, 2022. Thank you!

Digital Digest Spotlight

Designed for teams committed to human-centered social care, MLPB’s Digital Digest distills key law and policy updates across many domains of health-related social need that impact individuals, families, and communities. 

Emergency SNAP Benefits Are Available To Families Who Lose Power During Storms!

New England winter storms often bring snow, wind, and power outages! Families who receive SNAP and who have lost power for more than four hours have a 10-day window to request emergency replacement benefits.

Visit MLPB’s Digital Digest to learn more! 

On our mind

Criminal Legal Systems & Health

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Housing & Health

Spotlight: Updates on Atkinson Street and surrounding areas
in Boston (often referred to as “Mass and Cass”)

Utility Needs, Water & Health