Legal Problem-Solving and Flourishing: A Handbook for Perinatal and Early Childhood System-Builders

Legal Problem-Solving and Flourishing

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The handbook includes new tools for interested communities to use when planning and piloting legal problem-solving strategies as an element of care, including strategies that help:

  • Fill the toolbox (activate legal problem-solving as part of existing system infrastructure);
  • Avoid the wrong tools (recognize key boundaries in any legal problem-solving work); and
  • Expand the toolbox (develop strategic collaborations to advance civil rights).

It also spotlights two key themes throughout, each of which surfaced robustly in our Learning Community’s dialogue: language access rights and the centrality of trust-building. This is not a “legal how-to” manual; instead, this is a resource intended to support stakeholders who share the convictions described on the previous page and want to explore legal problem-solving as an element of care.