Our Mission

Care should systematically account for people’s legal rights, risks and remedies; and empower care teams as strengths-based, role-aligned partners in problem-solving.

MLPB equips communities of care with legal education and problem-solving insight that fosters prevention, health equity and human-centered system change. Through training, consultation and technical assistance — our team-facing legal partnering framework — we help teams and organizations better connect people and populations to the resources and legal protections they seek.

At a household level, this capacity-building disrupts the trajectory of a barrier (to social, economic or environmental health) into a legal — and health — crisis. At a population level, this work cultivates communities of care as partners in system and policy change.

MLPB is credited as the founding medical-legal partnership nationally, launched at Boston Medical Center in 1993. Now, MLPB stands independent of any health, legal or academic institution, operating under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of TSNE and serving partners in MA, RI and nationally through the DULCE Learning Network and other initiatives.