Case Studies

MLPB in an Early Childhood Home Visiting Program

MLPB has supported Healthy Families, a Children’s Trust program, since 2015 through robust training, consultation, and technical assistance for its family support workforce.

MLPB in a Medicaid ACO

On a weekly basis, MLPB guides Brigham & Women‘s Social Care Team in effective problem-solving for patients experiencing unsafe housing conditions, housing instability, or homelessness.

MLPB in a Patient-Centered Medical Transformation Hub

MLPB is a capacity-building partner to Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island‘s Community Health Teams, providing¬†legal information and problem-solving tools.

MLPB in a Special Initiative

MLPB collaborated with Community Care Cooperative as part of Upstreaming Housing for Health: Interdisciplinary Support for Pregnant Women and Newborns between January 2019 and December 2020.