January 2021 Newsletter

New year, new momentum for advancing health through justice

Dear colleagues,

This month many tectonic plates shifted. Some of those shifts are creating new opportunities to promote Whole Person, Whole Family, Whole Community health and wellbeing. Other events reinforce how much foundational work remains to be done. 

At this moment, MLPB is especially honored to partner with leading-edge communities of care who recognize that comprehensive, human-centered care must be continuously informed by families’ legal rights, risks and remedies.  There can be no meaningful progress on health equity absent systematic attention to the legal environments — both visible and invisible — that impact  individuals, families and populations.  

Thank you to our partners for embracing legal education and problem-solving as a core health promotion strategy — and for recognizing that access to justice transcends sectoral silos. We all are part of the access to justice community.  


Samantha Morton


In Other News: Questions about how ongoing, seismic changes in federal law and policy impact the people you serve? Visit MLPB’s Digital Digest for curated information on evolving resources, benefits, and legal protections. 

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